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Klipsch Floorstanding Speakers (Model P 37F)

The Klipsch Floorstanding Speakers Designed with an eye toward home interior and furniture designs, the P-37F has a signature style that blends classic Klipsch audio and a clean, contemporary look.

The floorstander’s unique enclosure hints at the power and performance inside, while maintaining a high degree of sophistication and beauty. Next to its shape, the most striking visual statement is the exotic zebra-grain Linia veneer that’s available in three different finishes: natural, merlot and espresso. The horizontal linear grain and absence of visible fasteners allows the P-37F to elegantly complement your furniture and d├ęcor.

When in place, the two magnetically attached speaker grilles are designed to subtly reveal the classic Klipsch horn at the top and the hybrid drivers below; those who desire a more functional, powerful look may choose to remove them entirely to display the components. An adjustable brushed aluminum floating base supports the cabinet at just four points, rather than the entire area of the base. This raises the cabinet from floor level but maintains absolute stability.

From every angle, every perspective, the P-37F speaker is how luxury should look. It’s a treat for the senses even before you hear it.

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