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The Changing Face of Home Entertainment in India

Audio video media has always been one of the primary sources of entertainment in India. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that we have always been an out-and-out movie watching country. Bollywood is, today, synonymous with main-stream Indian culture, both across the country and around the world and reflects our love and passion for the big screen.

The growth in India's economy over the last twenty years has led to a change in mindset of the Indian consumer as well, and one area that has seen significant growth is the market for luxuries. This is evident by the variety of fancy cars, the number of large homes and the branded apparel visible in cities across the country.

Entertainment has benefited as well. Going to the movies used to be considered a luxury, but no more. The new standard in luxury entertainment now has to do with the technology of entertainment delivery, as opposed to the act of watching a movie to enjoy oneself.

It is now evident that the next frontier of entertainment for the urban and semi-urban rich is home cinema. Watching a movie in a theatre is a static, pre-planned experience, whereas home entertainment is on demand and at your doorstep. Today, the technologies to transform home cinema into real cinema are widely available, and moving into the mainstream of consumer consciousness.

Multi-channel digital sound with high definition picture has made one of the biggest positive changes in the entertainment industry since the invention of stereo. With consumers developing more refined tastes, it is easier to sell a high quality home-theatre ranging from two to fifty lakhs than a higher quality two-channel system costing one fourth as much! Everybody gains – the industry sells six speakers instead of two, as well as the associated electronics, production houses sell blue rays discs and consumers enjoy better quality of entertainment.

Fortunately, not all of these systems are prohibitively expensive anymore. There are one stop shops like Cinebels (www.cinebels.com), offering a wide range of audio and home cinema solutions. One can find solutions for home cinema speaker systems starting at Rs.30,000/- and going upto Rs.45,00,000/-. Additionally, one can choose from an array of electronics, projectors and accessories to match the speakers to personalize ones home entertainment requirements.

Today, you, the Indian consumer, have the means and opportunity to experience real cinema in your home. So walk into a Cinebels outlet, and let the show begin!

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