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The Media Revolution

Steve Jobs's passing in October 2011 led to an outpouring of tributes across the world, the likes of which have probably never been seen for the CEO of a tech company. One of the reasons was evident – as head of Apple, Jobs transformed lifestyles of people across the world. Starting with the iPod, Apple delivered music to people's fingertips and the advent of the iPhone, Apple TV, iPad and other game changing devices gave people instant access to books, videos and photos as well. A vital part of Apple's strategy was the iTunes store, where consumers can buy music, movies, TV shows and books with a single click and enjoy their purchases wherever they are.

Along with the mobile device revolution, an equally if not more important revolution has been taking place – that of content sourcing. With the Internet becoming more and more mainstream, a huge number of songs and videos are being purchased or streamed online. iTunes has had over 16 billion song downloads as of October 2011. Amazon offers song downloads as well, with increasing success over the last few years.

Downloaded purchases, however, mean consumers have to have digital storage media, manage their music, keep backups and share music across different computers. Some companies realised this – and got into the business of streaming music. Spotify, a Swedish based company offers on-demand access to millions of songs for a very reasonable $10 a month. Pandora, which recently went public at a $3 billion valuation, lets you seed stations with the songs you like and then plays similar songs. It offers a free ad based version as well as a paid ads free version. For videos, Apple, Amazon and Netflix have varying models of delivery – Amazon and Netflix let you stream videos to your laptop and Apple allows downloads.

One major problem with digital delivery is quality – most songs and videos are compressed to allow for maximal use of available bandwidth. Moreover, even if all the content you could possibly want is now in the palm of your hand, would you really be satisfied listening to streamed songs on your laptop's tinny speakers, or watching videos on a small iPad screen? This is where high quality audio and video equipment come in.

Recommending projectors that use technologies such as video upscaling, the best amplifiers and high fidelity speakers to provide you with an immersive experience that makes even compressed media look and sound fantastic is what Cinebels does best. Of course, connecting laptops to all these devices and figuring out how they all work together can be daunting, but with our specialist sales and technical teams you can rest assured you will get all the media you want, as easily as possible and you will soon be enjoying the highest quality music and video. So visit us at www.cinebels.com and walk into a near by showroom today. Help us continue the revolution Steve Jobs started.

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